How Referrals Work on Trust Circle Referral

Finding the right agent for your client is as simple as a few taps on your screen with the Trust Circle Referral app. Here’s how you can send a referral in moments:

Initiate a Referral

Start by tapping 'Send New Referral' on the home page.

Provide Details

Enter your client’s information and their specific needs.
Rest assured, this information is kept confidential throughout the process.

Select an Area

Choose the geographical area where your client requires service.

Customize Your Search

Tailor your search to find the perfect match for your client's unique needs. You can filter the results by brokerage affiliation, your personal connections, or even language proficiency.

Choose the Right Match

Review the sorted results, which are organized into three tiers:

● Your personal Trust Circle contacts.
● Contacts within your Trust Circle's extended network.
● Agents from the broader community who match your client’s criteria and service area.

Send the Referral

Opt to send your referral directly to a specific contact for a personalized approach or cast a wider net to the community for quicker engagement.

Ensure Privacy and Security

The client’s information remains private and is not revealed until the referral agreement is mutually signed.

Complete the Agreement

If you choose to send directly, a referral agreement will be generated. After you sign, the selected agent will accept and sign, which secures the transfer of the client’s details.

Broker Involvement

Both participating agents’ brokers will receive a copy of the referral agreement to sign, ensuring transparency and compliance.

Stay Updated

The agent who receives the referral is obligated to provide immediate updates on significant progress and regular check-ins. As the originator, you also have the ability to request updates on-demand through the app.

Track Until Closing

Monitor the referral’s progress all in one convenient location on our platform, right up until the deal closes.

With Trust Circle Referral, you have the power to manage your referrals efficiently, maintain client confidentiality,
and foster professional relationships—all within a trusted network of real estate professionals.